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Yes, Pantene is good for your hair. The formulas contain science-backed nutrients, including pro-vitamin B5, strengthening lipids and protective antioxidants, that work from the inside-out to improve hair’s health.

As a Pantene scientist, I’m often asked if Pantene is good for hair. I have zero doubt that it is. I know from the many product test results and from my personal experience of using Pantene on my own hair that the products make hair more manageable, softer, and stronger. They are especially good for repairing hair that has been damaged by coloring, heat-styling, and normal daily life to look and feel healthy.

Pantene has stood the test of time. The brand dates to 1945. As the story goes, Swiss scientists made an unexpected discovery while using a vitamin concoction to treat skin wounds. They noticed the surrounding hair becoming healthier and stronger and then discovered pro-vitamin B5 (i.e. panthenol) was the vitamin working magic on the hair. Over the 75+ year history, two things that have not changed: 1) Pro-vitamin B5 is still in every single Pantene formula. 2) Products are thoroughly tested to ensure they really work and are enjoyable to use before they become part of the Pantene line.

Similar questions I’m often asked…

Does Pantene coat hair and weigh it down?

Our team of Pantene Scientists ran a blinded, 6-week study with 601 women to answer this question. Each participant used one shampoo & conditioner pair throughout the study. They did not know the name of the brand nor products they were using to remove bias from the participant’s ratings. Some used a Pantene pair, some used a pair costing more than $25, and some used a pair costing more than $50. After 6-weeks of using only that pair, the participants rated their product experience.

The results showed that those using a Pantene shampoo & conditioner pair rated their products as well as or better than the more expensive brands for:

  • Improving their hair health

  • Leaving their hair feeling clean throughout the day

  • Not weighing hair down

  • Not building up on their hair over time

In addition to pro-vitamin B5, or panthenol, that is in every Pantene formula, Pantene systems also use protective antioxidants and replenishing lipids that absorb deep into the hair strand to strengthen hair from the inside out. The science behind these ingredients has been peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals where others can review the research in detail (1) (2).

Are Pantene products safe for hair?

We go to great lengths to develop products that improve hair’s health. Behind every bottle of Pantene are hundreds of scientists who are focused on developing products that: 1) deliver on their promises, 2) are safe for their intended use and 3) that follow the guidelines set by regulatory groups around the world.

Before an ingredient is used in a Pantene formula, the ingredient’s safety information is thoroughly assessed. Pantene only uses ingredients that are allowed for use in cosmetic products by the US FDA, Health Canada, and the EU Commission (EU’s Cosmetics Regulation and EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety).

Beyond individual ingredients, we also evaluate the safety of our full formulas for their intended use. That’s important because ingredients in the formula work in combination with each other, not just as lone ingredients. If there is doubt in an ingredients or formula’s effect, we go back to the drawing board.

Millions of people regularly use Pantene because it works so well to improve the health of their hair. My daughter and my sisters are some of those people. For them, I would not recommend anything less than what I believe to be the best for their hair.

Jeni Thomas, Ph.D., Global Pantene Principal Scientist


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