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1. All our packaging will be 100% recyclable

2. We are committed to reduce our footprint by:

  • Continuously innovating with recycled plastic (PCR), refillable and reusable packages
  • Reducing our use of virgin petroleum plastic by at least 50% which will avoid the use of 300,00 tons of virgin petroleum plastic

3. Strive for circular solutions to also reduce our supply chain footprint:

  • Use 100% renewable electricity & cut GHG emissions in half at our sites
  • Deliver a 35% increase in water efficiency & use water from circular sources
  • Advance significant supply chain partnerships to drive circularity on climate, water or waste

4. Keep researching & seeking better alternatives to ensure livable planet for the next generations


X Loop Project


Pantene has joined the Loop waste-free shopping by TerraCycle to prevent single-use waste ending up in the oceans.

Through Loop, you can buy these environmental-friendly products made of durable aluminium. Then have the packaging collected from your doorstep to be cleaned, refilled and reused.