Pantene’s Mission to Reduce Plastic

The burden that virgin plastic puts on our environment is undeniable. It is better for our earth and our oceans to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we consume, reuse packaging and bottles whenever we can, and then recycle existing plastic packaging.

As one of the biggest hair care brands in the world, we recognize our responsibility to help consumers more easily reduce, reuse, and recycle – as well as create a closed-loop supply chain that significantly cuts down the amount of virgin plastic we purchase. In support of our dedication to sustainability and our goal to reduce virgin plastic usage 50% by 2025, here are just a few of the things we’re doing today…

REDUCE • On certain collections, like our Pantene Advanced Care shampoo & conditioner at Costco, we’ve started making our bottles with recycled plastic – eliminating +300 TONS of virgin plastic each year. We’re also continuing to learn on how to make more bottles with more recycled plastic, with the goal of hitting 100% recycled plastic across our lineup in the next few years.

REUSE • By partnering with TerraCycle on their LOOP program, we’re rolling out refillable shampoos and conditioners with a “milkman” model to reduce the need for plastic packaging. Read more here! • As a complement to our aluminum bottles, our European team is also rolling out refill pouches that use 60% less plastic so you can continue using your existing aluminum (or plastic) bottle in regions where LOOP isn’t yet available. Read more here.

RECYCLE • Our responsibility doesn’t end when our products leave the building. Historically, only about ~10% of ALL plastic ever put in a recycling bin was actually recycled into new packaging. That is simply unacceptable. There are many reasons why this happens, but a big reason is that products aren’t made with “desirable” plastic, like clear PET. We are always working closely with recycling industries to understand these nuances and develop better plans for a closed loop; recently we moved all our Costco Advanced Care bottles into clear PET plastic so that they’re much more widely recyclable! • Another reason products don’t get properly recycled is because it is unclear how to! Recycling facilities vary locally and it can be confusing how to do the right thing. That’s why we are partnering with How2Recycle to put informative labels on all our products, making it easy for you to properly dispose or recycle each bottle.

We appreciate our Pantene consumers, like you, that constantly push us to do better. While all these changes aren’t all fully scaled yet, we’re excited to be on this sustainability journey and will continue to update you on our efforts as they expand and evolve. As always, contact us @pantene on Instagram or Twitter with any questions, concerns, or ideas!

sustainability icons

1. All our packaging will be 100% recyclable

2. We are committed to reduce our footprint by:

  • Continuously innovating with recycled plastic (PCR), refillable and reusable packages
  • Reducing our use of virgin petroleum plastic by at least 50% which will avoid the use of 300,00 tons of virgin petroleum plastic

3. Strive for circular solutions to also reduce our supply chain footprint:

  • Use 100% renewable electricity & cut GHG emissions in half at our sites
  • Deliver a 35% increase in water efficiency & use water from circular sources
  • Advance significant supply chain partnerships to drive circularity on climate, water or waste

4. Keep researching & seeking better alternatives to ensure livable planet for the next generations


X Loop Project


Pantene has joined the Loop waste-free shopping by TerraCycle to prevent single-use waste ending up in the oceans.

Through Loop, you can buy these environmental-friendly products made of durable aluminium. Then have the packaging collected from your doorstep to be cleaned, refilled and reused.