Our Belief

Pantene is calling for an end to animal testing in hair care and the beauty industry. We do not believe animal tests are necessary to evaluate the safety or performance of products.

Doing our bit for the cruelty-free cause

We have been committed to ending animal testing, recruiting scientists and invested in state-of-the-art laboratories that has enabled the development of best-in-class safety testing without the use of animals.

Pantene is actively working closely with governments around the world to provide alternative research methods that eliminate the need to testing on animals in the beauty industry. In the case of governments that still mandate animal tests, such as in China, Pantene is committed to working alongside those authorities and scientists to have alternative testing methods recognized and enable the cosmetics regulation to evolve towards a total elimination of animal testing.

How Pantene tests its products

In a few countries where Pantene is sold, governments still mandate animal tests. In those cases, Pantene can be required by law to submit our products to labs where we know animal tests are happening. This is why we do not claim cruelty-free on our packaging.

Everywhere else, Pantene tests its products on “swatches” of human hair (imagine ponytails of all different hair types and colors). To guarantee our products are also safe on scalp and skin, we test on “lab skins” that have the same physical properties as natural skin but are created wholly in a lab setting from non-animal materials. Testing on human hair and lab skin helps ensure our products work as intended and are safe to use. We also research our products with thousands of people around the world to ensure they really work and are gentle for daily use.

Investing in Cruelty-free research

Pantene’s parent company, P&G, has devoted a total of $410 million to develop cruelty-free alternatives and has joined industry coalitions to share research and testing methodologies so that other skin care brands and the industry-at-large can end animal testing and move toward cruelty-free skin care.