Sultry Bronde UV Protect Contouring Conditioner

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Today's hair color cannot be defined by a single shade. It's color fluid and needs adaptive color care from root to tip. Introducing Pantene Paraben Free Sultry Bronde Contouring Conditioner for Color Treated Hair made with Color Adapt technology by Pantene. It’s perfect for dry hair to help dial up multi-tonal contrast so every strand stands out.

0% Parabens, Dyes, & Mineral Oil.



Rich with Nutrients Want to boost your bronde dyed hair with all the nutrients it needs to look lustrous and healthy? The Sultry Bronde Contouring Conditioner for bronde balayage and ombre hair delivers root-to-tip tailored nourishment to balance moisture and enhance contrast between tones. This nourishing formula with argan oil and vitamin E helps restore moisture and tame unruly frizz after ever wash.

Strengthen with Pro-V Color Adapt This paraben free contouring conditioner for dyed hair includes Pantene's Pro-V Color Adapt Nutrient Blends that strengthen hair at the core and restore softness and strength while maintaining vibrant color.

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No reviews to date. Be the first to WRITE A REVIEW!