Get the strength to style with Pantene’s Gold Series Collection, a breakthrough line designed to provide strength and moisture for women with relaxed, natural, or transitioning hair. This superior care and styling line was co-created with scientists, stylists, and dermatologists who understand the unique needs of textured hair. Each product in the Gold Series collection is powered by Pro-V blends and protective conditioning and repair agents formulated to work together to improve moisture, strength, elasticity, smoothness, and shine.


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the gold standard in moisture

Pantene scientists have been studying African Ancestry hair for over ten years and have found that:

  • Beyond the distinctive twists and curves, hair also bends in the curves, which ultimately creates challenges in delivering moisture, shine, and strength.
  • There is more friction in the hair because of the naturally tight curls, making it even harder to deliver moisture, shine, and strength.
  • Even when relaxed, hair can tend to be fragile and dry due to the chemical modification of the hair structure. As a result, hair can often times feel dry or rough, look dull, and have a high degree of breakage if not moisturized and strengthened against damage.

Pantene’s Gold Series Collection contains Pantene’s latest breakthrough technology, Pro-V nutrient blends, and premium ingredients to provide a better user experience and an amazing fragrance. Women who have relaxed, natural, or transitioning hair have a complete collection of eight products to choose from – four in-shower and four out-of-shower – powered with superior ingredients and Pro-V nutrient blends to meet their unique haircare and styling needs.

What's new? The praise from consumers about the initial Gold Series collection products and the continued need for products designed specifically for people of African Ancestry inspired Pantene to expand the collection with a new sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicon-free product that protects and repairs textured hair.