Rich Pro-V formula infused with air-light microbubbles. Melts into hair and quickly rinses away. Weightless conditioning perfect for fine hair.

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Go big and go foam

Pantene’s Air-Light Foam Conditioner is weightless, foaming nourishment. It’s the ideal conditioner for oily hair that quickly falls flat.

Not all hair should be treated equally. Especially fine hair which can easily fall flat under the weight of heavy conditioners. The fear of weigh-down often leaves fine, oily hair without the strength it needs to prevent damage, dryness and split ends. So, we created an air-light, nutrient-rich foam conditioner to free your hair from the weight of heavy conditioners. The weightless, in-shower formula effortlessly detangles and nourishes fine, oily hair while leaving it feeling light and clean. Because conditioner should help lift your hair up, not bring it down.

It’s simple to use. After shampooing, dispense the foam into your palm. This is when the conditioning nutrients merge with tiny bubbles, the size of champagne bubbles. Spread the foam throughout your hair. It’s so lightweight you can use it along the lengths, not just at the tips. This is when the foam absorbs into the fiber core to work from the inside out, rather than leaving a heavy coating on the surface. One minute is all you need. Rinse your hair like you do with a traditional conditioner. Then you’re ready to dry & style as you like. Fine, oily hair is left feeling clean, flowing freely and looking beautiful.