Agua, Lauril éter sulfato de sodio, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cloruro de sodio, Xylene Sulfonato de sodio, Cocamide MEA, Citrato de sodio, Fragancia, Ácido cítrico, Cloruro de hidroxipropiltrimonio de cassia, Dimeticonol, Benzonato de sodio, EDTA disódico, Pantenol, Pantenil etil éter, Polvo de jugo de hojas de Aloe Barbadensis, Extracto de flores Calendula Officinalis, Extracto de raíz de Zingiber Officinale (jengibre), Metilcloroisotiazolinona, Metilisotiazolinona, Amarillo 5, Naranja 4

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05/31/2017 05:15:43

perfect gave it to my familythat i love

5+++ stars I use this only one on my hair. I go out of my way to get it. if I find it at a store I keep going there and buy at least two at a time along with the shampoo and conditioner. they sell out fast, so i'm not the only one that loves it. I wish I had it when I was young, but i'll be happy in my old age. it's not greasy but moisturizes so well and softens my hair like crazy. I just love the entire set. tank-you for making so many people so happy and don't stop making it. you would be disappoint so many. it works on so many hair styles.

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05/17/2017 18:49:50

I love it.The Product is Awesome

It made my Hair Breakage...i have people stop me and ask is that your hair..Thanks Patene..

¡Sí, recomiendo este producto!

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02/14/2016 22:58:03


This hair moisturizer is so perfect. After my hair has been washed and blow dried and it has become a week old, I reach for this to soften and refresh my hair. The natural oils are so amazing. It still works even though my hair is natural. Honey, buy this. You will not regret it.