to stop static hair


Did you know as humidity drops below 70%, frizz becomes less of a problem? YAY! But as humidity goes below 60%, static takes its place. BOO! Even if the outdoor winter hair doesn’t dip too low, heated indoor air often goes well below.

Static Hair is so frustrating, some women actually avoid wearing a hat in the winter. They would rather be cold than risk having a static’y bad hair day!

Static results when 2 forces meet. The first is Built-Up Charge, which happens when hair’s inner moisture level drops too low. Even with humid outdoor air, ultra-dry indoor heating can strip hair of the moisture it needs to release built-up charges. The second is Friction. This happens when removing a scarf, a hat or running a plastic comb through hair. Then, SPARK! Built-up charges align, fibers repel each other like magnets and hair goes from smooth to out-of-control static.

5 easy ways to stop your hair from standing on end:

  1. Use a good conditioner. Pantene Conditioners offer a double-whammy of protection for virtually static-proof hair. Our conditioners contain a blend of moisturizing nutrients to work at each layer in the fiber. The moisturizers release static-causing charges while shielding hair from the friction that leads to fly-aways.

  2. Use a metal comb instead of plastic. With metal, charges transfer from your hair to the comb – not the other way around – giving you detangled hair without unruliness.

  3. Go for silk over wool for your scarf and your hat lining. Wool fibers are notorious for transferring static to your hair fibers but smooth silk glides easily without adding friction.

  4. Carry hairspray for on-the-go touch-ups. A quick spritz of hair spray will put fly-aways back in place while helping your hair hold the look you want. We recommend Pantene’s Airspray – it’s alcohol-free and gives a flexible hold without stiffness or stickiness.

  5. Use a humidifier to add moisture back to dry, indoor air. Your skin will thank you too!