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It’s More Than


For many in the LQBTQ+ community, hair plays a pivotal role in their ‘transformation moment’ and continues to be throughout their daily lives. Hair is an impactful visual cue of transformation, and this campaign from Pantene aims to show the beauty of all transformations and of all people.

As a brand once known for a particular kind of “Beautiful hair,” we are tackling conventional stereotypes with “It’s more than just hair” campaign that celebrate inclusion, representation, and freedom of expression. Hair is about so much more than just hair. Hair identity is powerful and personal expression of who we are. It transcends the physical aspects of our appearance and encompasses our individual style and self-confidence. We want every head of hair held high with Pride and encourage the LGBTQ+ community and its allies to express their authentic selves and share their own transformations to show the world all they are capable of and just what “beautiful” looks like.

Pantene is a proud sponsor of CAN’T CANCEL PRIDE in partnership with iHeart RADIO. “IT’S MORE THAN JUST HAIR” campaign will continue to uplift members of the LGBTQ+ community by celebrating inclusion, representation and freedom of expression.

Join in the conversation by watching the campaign video below and using #BeautifuLGBTQ+ on social media.