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Those annoying, static-charged frizzes can make you look and feel frazzled. But don’t let your hair get raised: whatever the weather, we can help keep your locks smooth, tamed, and under control. Read on to learn more about why your hair gets staticky and how to prevent it.

Why does hair get staticky?

When an object, like your hair, has too many positive or negative electrons, it has to discharge the excess to get it back to neutral. It’s like when you rub your socked feet on carpet – doing so creates friction, and this friction builds up extra electrons, so the next time you touch a surface, the extra electrons will discharge themselves in the form of a static shock.

When it comes to your hair, these extra, unmatched electrons cause your hair strands repel each other, making your hair look frizzy and feel like it’s floating.

So why does hair get especially staticky in winter? Because that’s when the air is dry, meaning there’s little water in the air to "absorb” those electrons, and it’s when you’re most likely to be wearing a tight-fitting hat. The hat rubs on your hair, creating friction, and this friction makes static electricity. When you pull off your hat, you may notice your hair rises with it in frizzy tendrils. Not exactly the most stylish look.

How to get static out of your hair

But don’t worry! As irritating as static is, it’s also pretty easy to get rid of. Follow these quick tips to have your hair looking sleek and stylish in no time.

  1. Use products that infuse your hair with moisture. Keeping your hair moisturized is the number one best thing you can do to fight the effects of dry winter weather, including static and frizz. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner provide extra moisture, and try a once-weekly deep-conditioning hair mask to really lock in the hair hydration. Before you leave the house, and before you put on that warm hat, mist your hair with a leave-in conditioning treatment.

  2. Part your hair on the other side. If you’re out and about and notice the dreaded static start to appear, don’t panic. Try just moving your hair to the opposite side. This gives the top layer of your hair some time to calm down, and reveals a part of your hair that hasn’t been exposed to the dry winter weather, so it won’t have the same amount of static. As a bonus, parting your hair in a new way can help increase volume!

  3. Try dryer sheets on your locks. This might sound like an old wives’ tale, but it really works. Hair dryer sheets are specifically formulated to keep the static out of your clothing, but they work just as well on your hair! Just gently rub the sheet all over your hair and go – make sure you’re looking for a formula with gentle ingredients so you don’t actually irritate your hair and scalp.

So don’t let the winter winds define your style, and don’t forgo that cute hat just to keep your strands sleek. You can have it all with just a little bit of extra prep and a lot of love for your hair. For more winter styling tips, check out our Pantene Blog.