Hair Heat Damage 101:

Prevention and Repair


Styling tools that use heat make creating the hairstyle you want fast and easy. However, they also cause damage to hair which can be difficult to repair.

Explore signs of heat damaged hair and heat damage repair products from Pantene that can repair and restore your hair.

Signs of Heat Damage

Heat damaged hair doesn’t behave normally because the damage alters its structure. Learn below how heat damaged hair differs from healthy hair so you can determine if you have it.

Hair Breakage

Hair naturally sheds in a cycle which is easy to confuse with hair breakage. However, if you notice your hair breaking off at the hair shaft rather than falling out naturally, you may have heat damaged hair.

Damage from heat tools may also make hair brittle, so breakage is more likely and can cause long-term problems for hair health and style.

Overly Dry Hair

If you use heat styling tools regularly and notice your hair is drier than usual, the tools may be the culprit of your hair woes.

Split Ends

Lack of moisture can cause the ends of your hair to split, which may make it harder to tame flyaways and frizz. While keeping hair trimmed and moisturized helps, using heat tools too often will only make split ends worse.

Difficulty Styling Hair

If you have heat damage, strands may not lie flat and styling may be difficult, depending on your hair texture. For instance, if you have straight hair, you may notice more split ends and flyaways. If you have curly hair, your hair may not have its usual definition and hang limply compared to its typical volume and bounce.

Hair Easily Tangles

Hair that has been heat damaged may tangle more frequently because the hair cuticle is raised and open, which may lead to more knots and snags. The worse the heat damage, the more tangled it will be.

How to Prevent Heat Damaged Hair

If you use heat styling tools and worry that you’re going to damage your hair, here are some ways you can prevent damage from occurring.

Safeguard Hair with Heat Protectant Spray

Before you start your styling routine, use a product made to guard hair from the heat. Pantene’s Thermal Heat Protect Spray is a lightweight pre-styling spray that protects hair from thermal heat damage. Its nutrient-rich formula seals hair against the damage for a safer styling experience.

Enhance Conditioning

Heat styling tools strip moisture from hair, and the only way to keep hair hydrated is to use conditioner regularly. Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Moisture Mix-In Treatment works after washing hair to deeply condition hair so that damage from heat is repaired.

How to Treat Heat Damaged Hair

If you have already noticed signs of heat damage, take steps to repair and restore your hair with the tips and products below.

Use a Hair Mask

Boost hydration with regular use of hair masks to keep hair from being dry and brittle. Pantene’s One Step Nourishing Mask includes a Pro-V formula to make hair visibly healthier, stronger, and shinier.

Use a Rescue Reset Treatment

Heat damage can seriously change your hair, so take care of it quickly with an intense treatment. Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots restore hair to its natural beauty from root to tip and add intense hydration to repair the hair.

Add Leave-In Treatment to Your Routine

Along with intense conditioning treatments, leave-in conditioners provide hydration and healing over longer periods of time so that heat damaged hair can improve and return to its normal state. Two Pantene leave-in conditioners we recommend are Miracle Rescue 10-In-1 Multitasking Spray Leave In Conditioner and Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment.