Deep Conditioner 101:

Your Guide to Healthy Shiny Hair

Deep Conditioner 101: Your Guide to Healthy Shiny Hair

Nothing says hair care self-care like a deep conditioner. The formulas in these bottles are so nourishing, smoothing, and hydrating that it can make even the most frazzled strands look shiny and healthy. But they’re not exactly like regular conditioners, so you shouldn’t use them in the same exact way. Here, we’ve made a guide to help you get the most out of your deep conditioner.

Daily vs. deep conditioner

Formula: A deep conditioner usually has a much heavier formula than a daily conditioner. This is because the deep conditioner has richer, even more nourishing ingredients.

Usage: A deep conditioner is generally intended to be used once a week. (But not always – see below!) A daily conditioner is intended to be used every time you shampoo your hair.

Results: The results from a great deep conditioner can last for up to a week, whereas the results of a daily conditioner are only intended to last between washes.
How to get the most of your deep conditioner

#1: Sit back and relax

The longer your deep conditioner sits in your hair, the more it can penetrate your strands with its nourishing, moisturizing formula. 5-7 minutes will do the trick, but for deeper penetration, you can do 15-30.

#2: Make it a regular thing

We recommend using a deep conditioner once a week, but if you have dry, brittle, or damaged strands, you can use it every time you condition. That said, overdoing the deep conditioner can be too much of a good thing, especially for fine hair, making it look limp instead of luscious. Experiment to find the perfect balance for your locks.

#3: Focus on the ends

Most hair damage starts at the ends, not the root. Make sure you’re taking extra care to coat your ends up through mid-shaft. You can even avoid your roots entirely! The natural oils from your scalp will keep your roots nourished.

#4: Add a shower cap

If you want to get serious results, put a shower cap over your head while you’ve got deep conditioner on. This will warm up your scalp and hair, allowing the formula to penetrate even more deeply.

Why would you use a daily conditioner?

So if deep conditioners give you all these amazing benefits, why would you ever use a daily conditioner? The big answer is – time. Daily conditioners take a few minutes, whereas it can take 10x as long to get the full benefits from a deep conditioner. We don’t always have time to deep condition our hair, and that’s okay! Using a deep conditioner just once a week can give you great benefits. Supplement those benefits with your daily conditioner and you can get gorgeous, happy, healthy locks.

But luckily for your schedule, and your strands, we’ve been working on something a little miraculous: our 3 Minute Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioner. This deep conditioner works in 1 to 3 minutes and repairs damage as well as a $60 dollar treatment. Use it every time you wash to powerfully transform dull, dry strands into hair that’s healthy, shiny and packed with hydration.

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