Split End Menders


So, you’re rocking the sexiest hairstyle – it’s all working, it’s bouncy, it’s shiny – but your ends are a frayed, hot mess.  The truth?  Nothing ruins good hair like split ends.  And unlike most hair issues, almost everyone has them, regardless of hair type – because the causes are so universal.  Splitting is a direct result of stressing out your strands, and who isn’t guilty of doing that?  If you over-process (think relaxers, perms, and color), use too much heat-styling, brush it while wet, handle it too roughly, or go crazy with the sun-and-chlorine exposure, your ends are over.  Scientifically speaking, each hair fiber is enclosed by a layer protecting it from damage – the cuticle.  But when the cuticle is damaged, it’s no longer able to contain the elements that hold the fiber together, resulting in splitting.


The great news is, there are ways to prevent problematic ends.  First of all, go easy on the curling irons, flatirons and blow-dryers.  Twice a week, try letting your hair air-dry to rock your natural texture.  And when you do heat-style, use a lower setting, and apply heat directly to hair no longer five seconds! If you’re a swimmer, always coat hair with a leave-in conditioner before hitting the water. This helps shield the cuticle from strand-shredding chlorine.


Never brush it while wet – only use wide-tooth combs to detangle, starting from the bottom up, gently. Ripping through knots is a surefire way to torture your cuticle.


Already have frazzled ends?  No worries.  Depending on how severe your situation, hit the salon for a trim every six to ten weeks -- or snip them yourself with hair shears (never use household scissors--they’re too dull, and will make the problem worse).  Or try a damage-disguising style that hides your ends, like a topknot, messy side-bun, chignon or, even better, a sexy side-braid.


As well as incorporating tress-strengthening lifestyle changes into your regimen, you can repair abused ends with Pantene’s Everlasting Ends Collection, which includes the Shampoo, Conditioner, and SplitFix Crème.  These gems are spiked with Pantene’s Tip-Fortify complex, which instantly mends rough ends, binds the shaft together in just one use, and prevents splitting over time (all while providing serious conditioning).  The best part?  The products are perfect for all hair types, so every texture -- from straight to spirals -- can be saved from going splitsville!