Choosing the Best

Products for Your Textured Hair

Know your texture, know what your hair needs

Knowing your hair goes beyond having a round follicle shape or an ovular follicle shape. Texture-wise, you might have 4a in the front, 4c at the crown, 3b by the nape—and let’s not even talk about the edges. And then there are other factors, like low porosity, high porosity, thin strands with high density, coarse strands with low density, knots, dryness, breakage.

Do you understand your afro textured hair in its natural state? Furthermore, do you know what your hair needs to get the look you want?

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of hair products for textured black hair (AKA, your next holy grail products) from Gold Series from Pantene. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a twist out, a protective style, or rocking your natural pattern—we understand that healthy hair is at the root of it all.

Grail product #1: Love & self-acceptance

Each of our crowns tells a story. A story of acceptance and love—not from others, but from ourselves. And every haircare story begins with learning to accept and love your hair as it is, the way it grows from your scalp. Finding products to use on textured hair that help accomplish the look you’re going for just add to the magic.

Grail product #2: A buildup buster

Having textured hair usually means you have a bathroom sink full of products. There’s nothing wrong with being a product junkie, but when it’s time for wash day, you need something to effectively wash out the gels, creams, custards, and other buildup.

Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo This shampoo is paraben-, sulfate- and silicone-free, and is made with argan oil—so it won’t strip or dry out your hair.

Gold Series Moisture Boost Shampoo If you need an extra boost of moisture, this argan oil-infused shampoo hydrates cuticles, so you’re one step closer to styling.

Gold Series Hair Repair Cleansing Conditioner
Cut your wash day time in half, and double your hydration! This co-wash is made with biotin and kukui nut, to gently remove buildup while strengthening your hair.

Gold Series Deep Hydrating Co-Wash
If your curls need maximum hydration, our thickest co-wash cleanses, softens, and makes detangling easier.

Grail product #3: Conditioner(s)

Whether you’re rushing in the shower, or have some extra time for a deep conditioner, get yourself a conditioner that adds slip for detangling, softens your hair, and preps the strands for styling.

Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner When you’re looking to keep your wash day shorter, this conditioner gets you in and out of the shower faster, but doesn’t skimp on moisture or softening.

Gold Series Repairing Mask
To repair heat-styled or color-treated hair and strengthen against damage, this deep conditioner infuses argan oil into each strand.

Gold Series Hair Repair Reconstructing Mask
For dry hair that is prone to breakage, this deep conditioner uses biotin and kukui nut to moisturize the hair shaft.

Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk Give your arms a break! Use our leave-on detangling milk to add slip and glide through your curls without breakage.

Grail product #4: Serums & Treatments

Our hair needs special treatments and serums to target specific concerns.

Gold Series Hair Repair Overnight Repair Melting Serum Apply to your hair after your leave-on conditioner to nourish any twist-out, braid-out, bantu knots, or any style.

Gold Series Split Ends Treatment
Between trims, strengthen your ends against breakage, single-strand knots, and split ends.

Gold Series Intense Hydrating Oil
This weightless formula absorbs easily into the hair and seals the moisture in each strand. Wearing a protective style? Add to your scalp for itch relief and to moisturize your roots.

Grail product #5: Stylers

From wash-n-gos to braid outs, make sure you’re using a styling product that is understands the assignment.

Gold Series Hair Repair Anti-Breakage Combing Crème
Style on either damp or dry hair. Infused with biotin and kukui nut, this crème is great for a wash-n-go.

Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding Add definition with a light hold that doesn’t weigh curls down. This pudding works on both dry hair and damp hair to keep curls soft, never crunchy.

Gold Series Hydrating Butter-Crème Keep your style hydrated and keep shrinkage at bay with this rich moisture crème that lasts.

With moisture and breakage prevention at its heart, the Gold Series Collection stands superior to other textured hair care products for afro textured hair.