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By now, all of us know that curly hair just acts different.

By now, all of us know that curly hair just *acts different*. Some of us have Shirly Temple ringlets, some have the Tracee Ellis Ross spirals, some of us have Teyonah Parris ‘fros; No two curls are the same and many of us may have different curl pattern all at once—so we shouldn’t try to wash, moisturize, or style all these different curls with the same products.

While there is a range of six different curly hair types, we’re going to focus on the three’s – 3a, 3b and 3c – here today. We talk more about the other curly hair types here.

Learn about 3a, 3b, and 3c curly hair and some products to help you style it, keep curls defined, and lock in moisture.

Types of Curly Hair

The overall shape of 3a curls is best described as big and loopy, like Carrie Bradshaw à la Sex and the City. 3a hair can be styled to be looser curls or tight waves, and these curls are usually very reactive to the elements (read: frizzy).

This curly hair type may have body and movement, but it’s also likely to have combination oiliness at the scalp and dryness at the hair shaft—causing weighed-down roots and frizzy curls. Choosing the right 3a hair products, like lotions and mousses, can be important to your hair’s overall health and achieving your desired style.

3b hair consists of more defined curls that are sometimes called ringlets or corkscrew curls. These curls are slightly tighter and more coarse, so instead of wide loops, you’ll see smaller ringlets with a narrower circumference.

This hair type is still prone to frizz, but also drier scalps. Using products that moisturize the hair shaft, prevent frizz, and don’t weigh curls down is crucial to having 3b hair that looks and feels healthy.

3c hair is made up of even tighter curls that sometimes dabble in the coily world. This hair type may also have some 3b curls and 4a coils mixed in, and can range in density. 3b can also be coarser than 3a or 3b hair, and benefits from thicker hair creams, custards, and sometimes hair oils.

While ‘3’ hair types can vary the most in effective hair care routines from one curly girl to another, all ‘3’ curls will benefit from products that:

  • Hydrate

  • Prevent frizz

  • Remove product build up

Here are some of our favorite hair products that can help make your curls look their best!

Hair Products for 3a Hair

If you have big, loopy 3a curls, it’s important to use 3a hair products that repair damage to the hair shaft quickly. The Gold Series Curl Awakening Spray restores moisture to your hair and keeps your style looking great. With just a single use of this treatment, you’ll notice less hair breakage and a natural shine in your curls.
Something that’s often overlooked with 3a hair is the detangling process. Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk will not only help your curls clump together, enhancing the classic curl bounce, but it will help keep them from creating knots. You can look to this moisturizer to smooth the hair cuticle and eliminate frizz.

Hair Products for 3b Hair

With slightly coarser curls, it can be tricky to come back home with the curls you left the house with. Using products with a slight hold will help, so humidity, frizz, and tangles don’t get the last say. Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding uses argan oil to get a defined style with a light hold. Plus, with moisture-rich ingredients and no parabens, this curl pudding helps 3b hair look great without weighing it down.
And if your curls are feeling lackluster, restore their softness with Gold Series Curl Awakening Spray. It can be used on wet or dry hair to effortlessly control frizz, and will enhance your styling products’ ability to keep curls defined.

Hair Products for 3c Hair

If you have 3c hair, using slightly thicker moisturizing products is vital. Gold Series Hydrating Butter-Crème will help curls clump together, make detangling easier, and provide up to 72-hours of lasting moisture. This luxe formula, made with argan oil, softens hair without sulfates or dyes.