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Halo frizz—not necessarily a technical term, but it perfectly describes hair breakage at the top of the head, or the “crown.” Our curly-haired friends are the ones who experience halo frizz most often, and there are a few reasons why. While cold weather, hats, beanies and scarves may be guilty of causing some halo frizz and breakage at the crown, the underlying reason is far deeper than friction. If you’re hoping to get rid of halo frizz, flyaways and breakage on your curly hair, keep reading for some of our best tips and tricks.

How to Fix Halo Frizz

Let’s start with the most important question—what even causes halo frizz? The biggest culprit is plain and simple: damage. Damaged hair is far more susceptible to breakage, especially areas where the hair is pulled, like in ponytails, clips and pins. This breakage results in more frizzand flyaways. Damage can also strip hair of its natural moisture, and without protection from moisture, hair tends to soak up humidity, which causes even more frizz and flyaways!

So, now that you know the guilty party is damaged hair, how do you repair and restore it to help prevent breakage at the crown and flyaways? Let’s talk about two ways to get hair hydrated and healthy.

Do Less (no, seriously)

Sometimes the simplest remedy is the most effective. Eliminating certain things from your routine may help repair curly hair halo frizz rather than adding more. This may seem counterintuitive but will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Use nourishing shampoos instead of clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are good for removing days-upon-days of oil, dry shampoo, and other build-up, but they do not offer your hair any moisturizing or restoring nutrients. They simply clean. So, instead, choose a repairing or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when you wash.

Use lower heat with hot tools

This step probably doesn’t need much elaboration, but heat causes a very specific type of damage that is both drying and can irreparably change the strength of your curl pattern. The more damage, the more likely your hair is to snap or to expand with the humidity goes up. Therefore, the more halo frizz and flyaways you’ll have.

Use hot tools sparingly

In addition to using a lower heat setting, try using your heat tools less often altogether. The longer you can go between straightening, curling, blow drying, etc., the stronger your hair can stay.

Be kind to on your crown

The top and front of your hair tends to see the most – the most UV, the most styling, the most heat, the most humidity The more heavy-handed you are with your strands and the more physical abrasion your crown encounters, the higher the risk of damage. When you wash, use your fingertips instead of your fingernails to gently spread your products throughout your hair and scalp.

What to do More

Okay, okay. We know we just said to do less, and that is still true. Until you know what to take away completely, you may never see results – even if you have the best products and tools in the game. So, now that you know what to do less of, lets zoom in on some positive practices you can add to your practice.

Incorporate deep conditioning treatments/masks

A deep conditioner or hair mask can go a long way in reintroducing hydration to a moisture-deprived crown. Add a little extra nourishment through a hair mask every few washes and watch your hair transform.

Use products made specifically for your hair type

Sometimes we reach for products that may not suit our hair because it has an alluring scent or a more desirable price point. But what is the compromise worth in the long run? Your hair’s health! Using a nutrient-rich shampoo ensures you’re not stripping your hair of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. In addition, using a touch of finishing spray can help tame flyaways and frizz at the crown while creating a soft barrier between your hair strands and the elements. In fact, a number of hairsprays have helpful frizz-fighting ingredients in them. A lightweight oil used sparingly can also seal in moisture while providing enough slip to reduce the effect of physical abrasions.

Best Products for Flyaways and Frizz

Finding the right products for your routine is important. Pantene has various hair care options, all full of shampoos, conditioners and more that focus on specific hair concerns. If you’re looking to stop hair breakage at the crown, flyaways on top of your head, or halo frizz, we have proven options for you that won’t break the bank.